Pop It Bubble Fidget Spinner

Wholesale Pop It Bubble Fidget Finger Spinner with two-bladed / three-leaf to spin between your fingers, and now it will silicone push bubble to combinate the joy of the pop it fidget toy together. Small one for easy to carry with lots of fun. Enjoy your time with the small pop push fidget spinner.

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Ages 6+


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Finger fidget spinner


Silicone, metal


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OPP bag

Place of Origin

Guangdong, China

Product Details:

Pop It Bubble Fidget Spinner Supplier Description:

If you are interested in the push pop it bubble fidget spinner, and you want to know how to order the original pop it bubble finger fidget spinner from China suppliers/ factories with wholesale price, you can contact Thepopit. We are the 2in1 fidget simple dimple sensory toy finger spinner manufacturer from China and have the professional experience to ship the bulk pop it fidget toys wholesale push finger fidget spinner overseas ( USA, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Germany, France, Australia, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy and so many countries), so even you do not have any experience to import the goods from China before, please do not worry, thepopit can help you from the beginning until you get the toys by your side. We have a professional team to answer your questions in 12 hours,  you can contact us by WhatsApp or Email.


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